Vacuum Tables & Vices

CNC Machining of insulation is something we take very seriously at Presspahn and the best results come from using the best equipment available. To that end Presspahn uses a combination of high accuracy vacuum tables and exceptionally high accuracy vices (not the American Vises) to ensure we meet the precision needs of our customers.

Our Aluminium Vacuum tables are machined from solid aluminium which ensures a flat work surface and a very high work holding force. They can be quickly adapted to suit the work piece size up to a maximum of 1016 x 610mm (larger pieces can be accommodated on our CNC router).

Kurt 3610V Vices are well known in engineering for being one of the highest quality work holding solutions available, each vice is precision ground to ensure it perfectly matches when paired with another. Using vices allows use to meet the highest of machining standards our customers demand.

Whatever the workholding solution, we are sure we have the right one to meet your needs.

However many pieces you require, however big or small the piece we feel sure we have a solution that meets your requirements.