756 Air Press Tool

When to Use
  • When the customer solution needs high volume parts that are made at the ultimate speed available.
  • Press should run at 5000 per hour without issue. At these rates consideration will need to be taken on:
    • How parts need to be sorted
    • How parts need to be packed
    • Length of coil, i.e. small coils will require more changes which reduces speed.
  • Ultimate in regards to speed
  • Makes very best use of coil based materials
  • Ideally suited to washers or simple designs that don’t require complex tooling stages
  • Wide range of sizes can be accommodated
  • Very fast so not suited to volumes under 5K
  • Takes longer to setup than a standard tool
  • Limit to width of coil that can be processed (see notes above)
  • Not suited to certain part designs
  • Costs are similar to small press tools
  • Starting at £1000
  • 8-10 weeks for tooling

No job is too big or too small, too simple or too complicated.

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