400 Elmtherm

Elmtherm 1000MP 10mm A3 (297 x 420mm)


Very high temperature insulation used when the best reduction in thermal loss is required. Mainly used in refractories or oven manufacture but also has uses in building applications where heat loss needs to be minimised...

The Elmtherm 1000 range is made from a micro porous material that allows the production of boards with the lowest thermal conductivity of any industrial insulating product. Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1000°C, Elmtherm is ideally suited for use in the metal melting industry for such applications as the thermal insulation of transfer ladles, tundishes and industrial furnaces.


The material is simple to machine and can easily be cut with a sharp utility knife. It can be sawn, drilled and punched using standard woodworking tools. It is non toxic, contains no organic binders and requires only the observance of normal dust protection measures when being worked. Care should b e taken however to protect the material from moisture, which would adversely affect its performance.


ELMTHERM 1000 S is a micro porous insulating board encapsulated in head shrink foil. This is the standard product and is usually supplied for applications where bending is not required.

ELMTHERM 1000 MP is a micro porous insulating board but faced on one side with phlogopite mica and encapsulated in heat shrink foil. This grade which can be bent to conform to round surfaces, benefits in three ways from the mica facing.

  • It achieves an even higher rate of heat insulation than the “S” grade.
  • The layer of mica adds considerable mechanical and compressive strength to thin boards and protects that side from moisture penetration.
  • The layer of mica allows thin sheets of the material to be bent around a radius of as little as 700mm.


Elmtherm 1000 S

Elmtherm 1000 MP




Temperature Classification

1000 °C

1000 °C

Shrinkage 12 hours @

900 °C < 2%

900 °C < 2%


300 kg/m3

300 kg/m3

Bending strength

0.16 N/mm2

0.5 N/mm3

Cold compressive strength

1.3 N/mm2

3.3 N/mm2

Thermal conductivity



200 °C

0.022 W/m K

0.020 W/m K

400 °C

0.025 W/m K

0.023 W/m K

600 °C

0.035 W/m K

0.033 W/m K

800 °C

0.044 W/m K

0.038 W/m K

Board thickness

7mm to 50mm

5mm to 50mm

Standard Board size

1000 x 610mm

1000 x 610mm

Chemical Analysis














Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation is normally requested for two reasons; firstly when electrical insulation is required to work in high temperature ranges, secondly when there is need to prevent the loss of heat from a system


Electrical Insulation

Electrical insulation is chosen for its ability to resist the flow of electricity, nonconductive, it can be supplied in flexible thin films, thicker flexible laminates or rigid laminates and can be offered to suit various temperature ranges.