380 Lexan Polycarbonate

Lexan 9030 1.0mm 2050 x 1250mm




High strength material that has a wide variety of uses such as Electrical, glazing, safety covers, sign and display. Polycarbonate is usually supplied clear and can also be formed to provide 3D objects. Ask us about our very competitive prices…


All Lexan transparent sheet products are extruded of Lexan Polycarbonate resin with Physical, Thermal, Mechanical and Electrical properties as listed in the datasheet. Lexan® 9030 sheet is the standard grade of Lexan sheet without UV protected nor Mar resistant surface treatment. As with all Lexan sheet grades, Lexan® 9030 sheet combines high impact and temperature resistance with optical clarity. 


  • Lexan® 9030 sheet can be utilised for secondary glazing behind existing glazing for economical protection against breakage, intrusion or vandalism.
  • Lexan® 9030 sheet can be cut, sawn, drill, milling and bent easily using standard workshop equipment without the risk of cracking and breakage and is therefore ideally suited for fabricating a wide range of indoor applications such as machine guards. 
  • Lexan® 9030 sheet can be easily thermoformed in to complex parts while retaining its excellent properties necessary for demanding applications such as vandal proof street furniture. 
  • Lexan® 9030 sheet may be decorated using a wide variety of modern techniques such as painting and screen printing.
Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation is normally requested for two reasons; firstly when electrical insulation is required to work in high temperature ranges, secondly when there is need to prevent the loss of heat from a system


Electrical Insulation

Electrical insulation is chosen for its ability to resist the flow of electricity, nonconductive, it can be supplied in flexible thin films, thicker flexible laminates or rigid laminates and can be offered to suit various temperature ranges.