160 SRBF F1/F2


Synthetic resin bonded fabric, higher strength electrical insulator used when mechanical properties are of high importance. The material is also good for more complex machining. Available in sheet, rod or tube,

SRBF F1 Fabric – Fine Weave Cotton Cloth Fabric
This is a fine weave bleached and scoured high quality phenolic cotton fabric laminate. This material combines Excellent mechanical strength with high electrical properties. It also has a low water / moisture absorption rate and can be machined accurately to precise tolerances.

SRBF F2 Fabric – This is a Synthetic Phenolic Resin Bonded Plastic with a medium weave fabric reinforcement.
This material is normally considered as a general purpose plastic / laminate; with a combination of good electrical and mechanical strengths this is the most commonly used of all the industrial laminated plastics.

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