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ELEPHANTIDE® Grade K is manufactured on a multi-vat cylinder machine which enables a continuous web of processed fibres to be built up in homogeneous layers on successive cylinders. This construction provides maximum electrical and mechanical strength.

ELEPHANTIDE® Grade K is available in thicknesses between 0.1.mm to 1.0mm, and with lamination (pressboard) thickness of up and over 20mm can be archived. This grade is most frequently used in oil immersed transformers and power capacitors. Due to its purity of finish it can be used in monoisopropylbiphenyl (mipb’s) and silicone based fluid impregnates. This ELEPHANTIDE® grade is also widely used in the insulation of fhp motors, either unsupported or in combination with a polyester film (yielding a Class ‘E’ insulation).

The excellent physical, electrical and mechanical properties of this grade make it ideally suited for punching, creasing and folding in to components used in an infinite variety of applications.

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