Power Generation – S&I Limited

These are bespoke or low volume custom built items requiring precision engineered components. For the last 15 years they have been customers of Presspahn for insulation, supports and barriers. Recently S & I Ltd was in need of numerous parts delivered within exceptional time-scales.

Their purchase team emailed the drawings to our office with details of materials, quantities and the target delivery date. As is frequently the case in the power generation industry where volumes don’t often exceed 50, this was for a one-off item. GPO-3 machined to tolerances within +/- 0.15mm was the specified material.

Matthew Pinder explains the Presspahn process:

“When we receive an enquiry it is our aim to respond promptly to the customer to ensure we have all the information to accurately assess the requirements of the job. At this point we are often able to provide advice, sometimes suggesting more appropriate material or more efficient methods of manufacture. We would then produce a quotation for the customer to review and discuss delivery requirements. In all cases we aim to exceed our customers expectations.”

Purchasing at S&I Ltd commented:

“Presspahn is competitively priced and over the years has proved to be very consistent, delivering good quality solutions and service, helping us on several occasions when a very short turnaround has been required.”